Bar X Ranch


20333 Bar X Entrance Road

Middletown, Lake County, California 95461




The Bar X Ranch is located near the southern edge of the area know as Coyote Valley in Lake County California. The main entrance to the ranch is from Highway 29 approximately 1.5 miles north of Middletown. The ranch consists of approximately 1,518 acres of land encompassing an unnamed valley drained by Crazy Creek. The subject includes three residential dwellings; the Old Ranch House built in 1936, the Main House completed in 1958 and the Green house built in the 1970’s. There are three barns, White Barn, Hay Barn and Hog Barn, on the ranch.


A 150 acre-foot man-made reservoir, completed in 2002 on the property is filled by natural drainage, rain fall and water pumped from Putah Creek. The ranch’s topography varies from steep to gentle slopes and open valleys. Putah Creek runs along the western border of the property.


The ranch has multiple zoning and is subject to two combining districts. The zoning designations are Agriculture (“A”), Rural Lands (“RL”), and Rural Residential (“RR”). Most of the agriculturally zoned portions are in the valleys and level areas and consist of about 220 acres combined. The area zoned Rural Residential is north of the main entrance along highway 29 and is roughly 200 acres in size. The balance of the property is zoned Rural Lands. The two combining districts are Floodway Fringe (“FF”) and Scenic (“SC”).