Bar X Ranch


20333 Bar X Entrance Road

Middletown, Lake County, California 95461




Bar X Ranch earned its name in 1936 when S.A. Skaggs and Mary C. Skaggs acquired the property. The ranch was originally part of a 21,220 acre land grant made by the Mexican government to George Rock in 1845 that ran cattle on the rancho. In the early 1880’s, Bar X Ranch became the first property in Lake County to cultivate alfalfa, which became the feed of choice for California dairymen in the late 19th and early 20th century. Later in 1902 the property became one of two Lake County creameries listed in the state Dairy Bureau’s roster.


During World War I, Chinese occupied the western portion of the meadows on the ranch, which became known as the “Chinese Gardens” where they put in large vegetable gardens to supply the town of Middletown with fresh vegetables.


In May of 1936 the Skaggs family purchased the property from Bank of America. The family intended to use the land for general farming and a commercial beef cattle ranch. Today the ranch is home to a small herd (approx.75 head) of prize Angus beef cattle.


After acquiring the property, the Skaggs family made improvements to the ranch. They built a 2-story, five bedroom, three bathroom house, which still stands today. Over the years two barns (one for horses and one for hogs), a storehouse, a new hay barn, a granary, and implement shed, and a bunk house were added. By 1958 the Skaggs flagstone residence was completed. The 3,700 square foot single story home overlooks the main valley.


Entrance to Bar X Ranch, ca. 1939, showing main ditch to left and distribution lateral to right of road

The first Skaggs Bar X residence built in 1936. Photo ca. 1958

Horses with ditch and garage in the background, 1939

Mr. Wyatt in front of horse barn with Mr. Skaggs's horse